What is DARG?

DARG   Devon Apicultural Research Group was established forty years ago to enable beekeepers having a sound experience of beekeeping to get together regularly to consider current research into beekeeping problems and organise trials and experiments with their own bees.

Among the first leaders were Dr Len Heath of Plymouth University, author and lecturer Ron Brown, and Peter Donovan of Buckfast Abbey.  These great apiarists have now left us but their inspiration remains.

Today the problems faced by bees are greater than ever and worldwide  apicultural research is more extensive and increasingly complicated.

DARG continues to consider modern beekeeping difficulties and to communicate findings and understanding as discovered by the professional scientific community to the wider community.

DARG meetings are held monthly when members gather together to share the considerable wide range of experience and knowledge amongst its own members.

Recent Topics                                      Publications

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If you are an experienced beekeeper or working through the BBKA module examination system you will enjoy the detailed discussions and shared experiences at DARG meetings. These are held at various venues around Devon. Currently, Uplowman Village Hall and Newton Abbot Clay Lane apiary are popular venues.  An informal bring your own lunch with teas and coffees provided start our sessions.  The discussions follow led by a member or guest. The timing is from 1200 to 1600 usually on a Sunday and held monthly.  See the programme for 2015 outlined on the home page.  Several welcome members are from the adjoining counties of Somerset, Dorset, and Cornwall who appreciate that DARG meetings offer experienced beekeepers something more than usual BKA local events.

Membership costs £10 per year.  Please contact DARG Treasurer and Secretary to join.