Meeting notes for:

Sunday 11th October 2015

Hive Temperatures, Weather and ‘Arnia’.

SH/LI et al. At Uplowman Village Hall

Apologies: Tricia & Alan Nelson, David Corney-Walker, Peter West, Lea Bayly, Sarah Holdsworth & Kay Thomas.

Present: Lynne Ingram, Ray King, Robert Ogden, Chris Slade, Peter Auger, Chris Utting, Glyn Davies & Richard Ball

Vita award:

RB reminded the meeting that Vita had issued the following press release reported in our last meeting notes.

‘The Pinnacle Winner of the first Vita Honeybee Health Initiative Award is a research project run by the UK Devon Apicultural Research Group potentially involving hundreds of beekeepers as well as professional scientists investigating honeybee queen fertility.’

GD gave us an update of the situation and that we had opted to take the cash prize option. It was agreed that DARG should invite key personnel to attend our lunch and make something of it. At the time of writing this note Vita have agreed to send a representative. Declan Schroder and John Duncan of the Westland  Countryside Stewards (who supplied a lot of the cash) are also coming.

Poisoning Incident:

Lynne Ingram gave us a description of a poisoning incident involving her honey production bees, which is currently being investigated.

Hive Temperatures, Weather and ‘Arnia’:  

Lynne Ingram gave an excellent presentation about this web based remote hive monitoring system. Further information can be found at

If you wish a copy of her presentation, which my  email will not send please bring a memory stick or blank CD

 (The CD must be unused) to a future meeting and I will copy it for you.

November Saturday 14th  AGM and Lecture  

    Dr. Peter Kennedy  

    Prof. Juliet Osbourne

At the Furzleigh Mill Hotel, Buckfast.

If you have not booked your meal please do so before 5th November 2015.

December Sunday 13th Seasonal round up. 2016 Programme.

Venue to be decided.