Saturday November 4th 2017

FURZELEIGH MILL, Buckfastleigh,  TQ11 0JP

Gather together at 12 Noon

Guest Lecturer Pam Hunter

Subject  Pollen, The Miracle Food

    Pam Hunter is currently Chair of the BBKA Examinations Board.  Her professional life was leading a team of research scientist in  the  pharmaceutical      industry.  Pam is a well-qualified theoretical and practical Master Beekeeper.

   Pollen, the Miracle Food

          An outline of the nutritive properties of pollen – a source of protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and other   micronutrients.  The role     of these nutrients.  Importance of pollen for young bees to produce brood food and royal   jelly.  How protein is broken down to     peptides and amino acids.  Variability in pollens.  The need for bees to have   access to a wide range of pollens.  Pollen grains and how     they are handled in the digestive system of the   bee.  Importance for wintering bees – vitellogenin and fat reserves.

    How does the honeybee super-organism respond to a dearth of pollen or no nectar flow and will this result in poor   health?  Also the     possible effects on queen rearing.

Lunch Menu

Lunch will be at about 12.30 and the lecture will follow afterwards.

The Lecture will be followed by tea and the AGM. The meeting is expected to close at about 4.30pm.

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