Meeting January 14th at Buckfast Abbey



January 2018 Meeting.

Sunday 14th January  Buckfast Abbey Apiary Facility

Present: CD, MH, GD, PA, CU, JH, RS, PW, JS, RB, CS, DCW, KE & AR.

Apologies: RK & BK.

Guests: Chris LONGRIDGE.

Bob Ogden: RB reported that Bob had now moved to Lancashire and wished to keep up with DARG. Richard proposed that Bob be made an honorary member so that all our information was sent to him. This was unanimously approved.

CU reported that the treasurer change over was progressing slowly. 18 members were currently paid up and that there was £3584.23. in our current Account.

Programme: RB reported that meeting venues for April and May were undecided. It was hoped that one of them would be at the Northern Branch Apiary facility but we are awaiting their committee meeting for confirmation.

Data Protection Forms: These were circulated to members in attendance for completion.

Asian Hornets: The open meeting on 20th January trapping and destruction were discussed.

DLQs: GD gave an update that nearly all the microscopy had been completed and when done he will analyse and write a report for circulation

Pollen Project: RB gave an update and suggested that in 2018 % of colour samples would be used rather than Abundant, Rare and Very Rare, as rare (4 to 20 pellets) only makes up a maximum of 1% of the total, making Abundant a misnomer for several colour samples. Measuring could be carried out using an adapted hypodermic syringe barrel. He also asked for feed back on reporting

Methods.  Read Report HERE

Weather: RB asked if members would be prepared to gather weather records for inclusion on ourwebsite. RB and GD do this at the current time. The late Kay Thomas had also submitted records. CS volunteered to submit his rain record.

GD made a plea for someone to take over running the website.  New software could be made available.

Topic of the Day:

Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus: CD and MH gave an excellent account of CBPV and other virus issues, which engendered much discussion. Clare has prepared a paper, covering all that was discussed, entitled ‘Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus’ and it has been placed on our website.

Next meeting:

Sunday 11th February. Uplowman Hornet day

Meet at 12.00. Midday bring your own lunch box, tea and coffee provided. It should finish at about 4.00. p.m.

Richard Ball

Chairman DARG 01 395 567 356